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"Lean Meats and Fish"



Eating Lean Meats and Fish is all about healthier cuts of chicken, turkey, beef and pork as a great source of protein. Plus you want to eat fish 2-3 times a week. Boneless chicken and turkey with no skin, lean beef and pork with little or no fat and nice fillets of fish.

Beat the Diet Blues Chicken Cutlet            Beat the Diet Blues Filet Mignon           Beat the Diet Blues Pork cutlet           Beat the Diet Cod Fillet            Beat the Diet Blues Gorton Grilled Salmon           Beat the Diet Blues Gorton Grilled Salmon          



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When buying or preparing Lean Meats, look for or cut to a size between 4-6 oz. You should be eating Chicken 2-3 times a week and Fish 2-3 times a week. White flesh Fish is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein and Oily Fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids or "good" fats. Humans can't make a significant amount of these important, essential nutrients, Fish are a very important piece of the diet puzzle. While I selected certain brand name items, my first thought was to keep things simple. For example, the Gorton Grilled Salmon or Talapi have a nice marinade and are easy to fix and are also low in calories. But you feel free to select your own brands if you like. There are a lot of meats and fish out there so stock up on your favorites or stop at the store on the way home for what you might want to accomodate the daily menu.











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