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A Simple Diet



The Doctor said, "this Diet is simple" and I recommend it to all my patients. Follow this diet and it will be a heathier way for you to eat. This will help lower your fat ... lower your cholesterol and most important of all, to avoid the onset of diabetes ... lower your sugar consumption. When you lower or minimize your sugar intake, that lowers your A1C (more later).

Beat the Diet Blues Broccoli         Beat the Diet Blues Watermelon Bowl         Beat the Diet Blues Chicken Cutlet          Beat the Diet Blues Asparagus         Beat the Diet Blues Blueberry Bowl         Beat the Diet Blues Gorton Grilled Salmon        

And here it is ... (drum roll please ...)


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The "Food Trifecta Diet"

All you eat is ... Fresh Green Vegetables ... Fresh Fruits ... Lean Meats and Fish.

THAT'S IT! ... THERE YOU GO!! ... I've just helped you Beat the Diet Blues ... Simple, eh? ... Now go on ... git'er done.

Oh ... you said you wanted my recipes ... here you go ... (I may sound like a broken mp3)


Oh ... you really want my "actual recipes and menu". So you're telling me you don't want to think. I didn't either. But I did and I still keep researching on the ideal foods that I like to eat to help keep weight off. But I'll tell you what ... I've got some things to help you lose weight and hopefully feel better ... plus you can make it easy. All your dinner meals should have a Green Vegetable, Tossed or Chef Salad, a Lean Meat and a Fresh Fruit for Dessert. Prepare what you can ahead of time, such as preparing fruits buy cutting them up so they are ready to eat. Do the same with vegetable trays with celery, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes and other snackable treats. These are the tips I used to make this diet thing easy. My goal is to help you Beat the Diet Blues and assist in your commitement to lose whatever weight you need to lose.













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